HomeBank User manual

Main window menu

The menu are the main start point of most HomeBank actions. Here is a short description of it:


New clear all, after a confirmation if change were made to the current wallet
Open... open a wallet, after a confirmation if change were made to the current wallet
Open Recent show the list of recent file history
Save save the current wallet
Save as... save the current wallet with a new name
Import... open the import assistant dialog
Export QIF file export all data's to QIF format
Revert revert to the last saved version of the current file
Restore backup open the dialog to restore a backup of the current file
Properties... open the properties dialog
Close close the current wallet
Quit exit HomeBank


Preferences... open the preferences dialog


Tool-bar Toggle display of the tool-bar
Top spending Toggle the display of the top spending
Scheduled list Toggle the display of the scheduled list
Minor currency Display using the euro minor currency


Accounts... open the account dialog
Payees... open the payee dialog
Categories... open the categories dialog
Scheduled/Template... open the scheduled/template dialog
Budget... open the budget dialog
Assignments... open the assignment dialog
Currencies... open the currency dialog


Add... open the transaction dialog
Show... open the account window for the selected account
Show All... open the account window to show all accounts transactions
Set scheduler... open the properties dialog to setup the scheduler
Post scheduled post any pending scheduled transaction according the current rules


Statistics... open the statistic report
Trend time... open the trend time report
Balance... open the balance report
Budget... open the budget report
Vehicle cost... open the vehicle cost report


Show welcome dialog... Open the first start using HomeBank dialog, like you were using HomeBank for the first time. This will let you choose among several action to perform, like creating a blank account
File statistics... Open the file statistics dialog, showing the number of account, transaction and so on.
Anonymize... After a confirmation, this will change every label to anonymize your accounts, payee, categories, memo, etc.


Contents Open the local help (on disk)
Get Help On-line... Open a browser to the support page
Check for updates... Open a browser to the download page
Release Notes Open the Release notes that keeps any chnage made to each release
Report a problem Open a browser to a tutorial on how to report a bug
Translate this Application Translate to your language (on-line)
About Open the about dialog