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Account window

The account window is used to manage one account at a time. It is the basis of every actions dealing with transactions.
Every action on transaction are done here.


The menu is the start of every actions on transactions.

 v5.1.7 feature an experimental export transaction to PDF file under the Testing menu.


The balance area contains the balance summary of the account, see this page for details. If the minor option is checked in the preferences, a minor toggle button appear here, see this page for details.

Quick search

The quick search will permit to filter the transaction list instantly on text column. The search apply to all columns except status and date columns.

Quick filter area

On the left, the account title is displayed.
Theses widgets will enable you to quickly filter the transaction list without opening the filter dialog.

Range : Quick change the date range, a tool-tip is displayed when you hover this widget and display the exact date range.

Type : Restrict the list-view to expense or income.

Status : Restrict the list-view to uncategorized or unreconciled.

Selected transaction informations

Transaction list

The list show you a summary of every transaction in the account. You can use the filter dialog if necessary. Or even change the sort order by clicking on the column title.
The Balance column is only displayed when sort is by date ascending/descending, it is hidden otherwise.

Double-click works as follow, depending of the transaction selected:

The first column indicate the change made to the transaction:

The Status column indicate the status of a transaction:

Some hot-keys are available to quickly change the status of a transaction.

Here's a few tips:
+ - on an unreconciled transaction will Reconcile
- on a Reconciled transaction will ask for confirmation and toggle to Cleared
+ - has no effect on a Reconciled transaction
- on a Cleared transaction will unclear it
+ - will change the status to None

Tool bar

The tool-bar provides easy mouse shortcut for some of the menu. All tool button have a tool tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool button.