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Budget dialog

The budget dialog is the main interface to edit, modify and manage your budget.

Please refer to the using the budget feature for details on how using this feature.

Dialog call

Using budget dialog

Category list

display the list of categories and subcategories of the current wallet.

budgeted transaction are displayed bold and marked with a money-envelope icon:

Expense/Income switcher

Toggle the category list with Expense/Income categories only

Budget for each month

is the same category budget will be the same for every month: Jan -> Dec
you can then fill the amount below
Clear input clear any budget for the selected category
is different category budget will be specific each month
you can then fill the amount of each needed months
Jan to Dec The amount for each month


Force monitoring this category By default, if a transaction has no amount (0.00) it it not displayed into the budget report. This checkbox will change this and can manage such case.

Menu button

Import import the budget from a CSV file.
See CSV file format for details.
Export export the budget to a CSV file.
See CSV file format for details.