HomeBank User manual

Statistics report

The statistics report is the main analysis part of HomeBank. Its will allow to focus on your financial flow in the details instantly and dynamically by filtering on every axis and displaying the results for a period.

The main view axis is on Category, Subcategory, Payee, Tag, Month, Year, with a possibility to focus on Expense, Income, or Balance; then a complete filter is also possible on transactions, see the filter dialog for details.

By default the internal transfer are not included into the computing of this report. To enable this you must edit the filter dialog.

Results are displayed in 3 ways: list-view, column chart, donut chart.
At last, you can display every transactions detail of the selected view (Category, Payee, Month, Year).
A tool-tip will appear on every column/donut chart after a little delay,or by pressing the left mouse-button.

Window call

Using statistics report


View filter the result to:
  • Expense
  • Income
  • Balance
Items with no results, or equal to 0 will not be displayed
By specify the item the result should be computed for:
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Payee
  • Tag
  • Month
  • Year
By amount sort the result by amount instead of the default order alphabetical for Category/Payee or chronological for Month/Year
Zoom X select the X zoom factor in real time

Date filter

Range fast select a date with predefined range
From / To specify date bound limit to restrict the results to


The tool-bar is the main control of the display. All tool-button have a tool-tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool-button. The icon appear or not depending the context.
At the end of the toolbar, there is an export button that enable Result or detail of transaction to copy to clipboard or export into a CSV file


This is the total of columns of the list-view for: Expense, Income, Balance.

Result list / Column chart / Donut chart

The result list display the computed amounts according to the current selection and filter.

Transaction detail list

The transaction detail list will show every transaction of the selected item in the above result list.
By default it is not visible. Use the tool-bar 'Toggle detail' button for changing this.
You can also default keep it visible in the Preference dialog