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Categories dialog

The categories dialog is used to add, edit and manage the categories of the current wallet.

Dialog call

Using categories dialog

Expense/Income switcher

Toggle the category list with Expense/Income categories only

Category name

type a new category name here and press return to add.

Subcategory name

- select the category to add subcategory to in the category list
- type a new subcategory name here and press return to add.

Categories list

display category name and usage count
the usage count:


Edit open a dialog to edit the selected category
Merge merge the current category to a new one you will select
Delete delete the selected branch or categories, i.e. if a category is selected, all subcategories will be deleted

Menu Button

Import Import and merge some categories from a CSV file
Export export the entire categories list into a CSV file
Delete unused delete all unused category

Please refer to CSV file format for the file description.