HomeBank User manual

Preferences dialog

The preferences dialog can be accessed from the main window menu, as Edit-Preferences. It lets you customize many aspects of the way HomeBank works. The following sections detail the settings that you can customize, and what they affect.


Program start

Show splash screen display a splash screen when HomeBank start
Load last opened file load the last opened file when HomeBank start
Post pending scheduled transactions append scheduled transaction to accounts when HomeBank start
Update currencies on-line trigger a on-line update for currencies exchange rate start

Fiscal year

Start on define on which day and month the fiscal year start

Main window reports

Date range default range initial value for the main window reports

Files folder

Default default folder to load/save HomeBank files

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Language define what language to use for the interface
Tool-bar tool-bar style to be used
Grid line specify the list grid line option:
  • None
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Both

Amount colors

Uses custom colors specify if amounts should be displayed with colors below
Preset contains some Tango color preset to fast set the amount colors
Expense color used for expense
Income color used for incomes
Warning color used for amount in warning (overdrawn)

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Transaction window

Date range Set the default range to be used for account window
Show xx days in... set the number of days to force show future transaction
Hide reconciled transactions set the filter for account window not to default show reconciled transactions
Always show remind transactions set the remind transaction to always be display (ignore filters)

Multiple add

Keep the last date Set the date to be kept when you add several transaction successively

Column list

Removed on 5.17, now use the context menu on the transaction listview column header

Set the column to display and their order for the transaction list

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Display format

Date options

Date A date sample is displayed
Customize > Format display format used for date

Measurement units

Use miles for meter use the mile labels and abbreviation for the vehicle cost
Use gallons for fuel use the gallons labels and abbreviation for the vehicle cost

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Date options

Date order set the default date order for file import
  • d-m-y
  • m-d-y
  • y-m-d

OFX/QFX options

Memo field define what to do for memo field during import:
  • ignore
  • append to memo
  • append to info

Files folder

Import default folder to load files to import
Export default folder to save files to export

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Initial filter

Date range Set the default range to be used for account window

Charts options

Color scheme Set the default color scheme to be applied for charts
  • HomeBank
  • Money
  • SAP
  • Quicken
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Analytics

Statistics options

Show by amount set the by amount toggle on the statistics window to default be checked
Show rate column set the rate column to be displayed by default
Show details set the detail toggle on the statistics window to default be checked

Budget options

Show details set the detail toggle on the budget window to default be checked

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Euro minor


Enable enable euro minor currency support in HomeBank.
see minor currency for more details.


A remind of the country is displayed

Fill from preselect of parameters for this tab

Exchange rate

1 XXX = change rate (value of 1 euro in your old national currency)


Symbol Symbol that prefix the amount
Is prefix define is the symbol is a prefix symbol
Decimal char Character to be used as decimal separator
Frac digits Number of digits after decimal separator
Grouping char Character to be used as grouping separator

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