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Assignments dialog

The assignments dialog is used to add, edit and manage the assignment rules of the current wallet.

Please refer to the Using the Automatic assignment feature for details on how using this feature.

Dialog call

Using assignments dialog

Assignment list

display the actual list of assignments in the wallet. It is always sorted in alphabetic order.


Add add a new empty assignment.
Delete delete the active assignment.


Search in Memo/Payee set in what field to search
Find set the text to search
Match case set the search to consider uppercase and lowercase different, otherwise the same
Use regular expression set the find fields to be interpreted as a regular expression

Assign xxxxxx

[Disabled|If empty|Overwrite] controls in what case do the assignment

Payee the payee to optionally assign

 Entering a new payee here will create it.

Category the category to optionally assign

 Entering a new category here will create it. Example: 'Wage:Salary'

Payment the payment to optionally assign