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Balance report

The balance report is an analysis part focused on the balance evolution during the time. A specific purpose will be to visually control your balance.

The transactions are displayed ordered by date in order for you to check the balance according to the minimum set in the account window.

The results are displayed into a list or with a line chart, giving a visual view of the account flow.

Window call

Using balance report


Account select the account to display result for
Select all select all accounts
Each day select to display each day, in not checked only days with value are showed
Zoom X select the X zoom factor in real time

Date filter

Range fast select a date with predefined range
From / To specify date bound limit to restrict the results to

Tool bar

The tool-bar is the main control of the display. All tool-button have a tool-tip that will help you know what action will be launched when you click on the tool-button.


Inform you about the number of transaction in balance, the total number of transaction and the value of the balance for this account.

Result list

The result list display the computed balances according to the current selection.