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Currencies dialog

The currencies dialog is used to edit, modify and manage the currencies available for the wallets.

Dialog call

Using currencies dialog


Update on-line Trigger to update exchanges rate on-line. This is disabled when you only have a single currency.
This is an extra feature relying on third party (>= 5.1.7: fixer.io, prior was yahoo).

Currencies list

display currency ISO code, name, symbol, exchange rate and last modified date


Add open a dialog to add a new currency
+ see the notes below.
Edit open a dialog to edit the selected currency
Delete delete the selected currency
Set as base set the selected currency to be the base currency

Add currency notes

- you can pick up new currencies from the official ISO 4217 list
- you can define a custom currency for discontinued or cryptocurrency

When you define a custom currency, please take care of the following:
- the Name must be at least 3 chars long
- the ISO code is optional, but you cannot change it easily later on
- the ISO code must be 3 chars long and cannot be the same an existing ISO 4217 one

Using the edit currency dialog


Display the currency symbol and name

Exchange rate

Enable to chnage the exchange rate (if currency is not the base one)


Display a sample of the currency format


Symbol Symbol that prefix the amount
Is prefix define is the symbol is a prefix symbol
Decimal char Character to be used as decimal separator
Frac digits Number of digits after decimal separator
Grouping char Character to be used as grouping separator