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Accounts dialog

The accounts dialog is used to add, edit and manage the accounts of the current wallet.

Dialog call

Using accounts dialog

Account list

display the actual list of accounts in the wallet. The account at the top of the list will be the one to be displayed when opening your wallet. You can easily change the accounts order using Drag&Drop process.


Add add a new empty account.
Delete delete the active account. This is only possible if the account has no transactions.



Type specify the type of the account
Currency specify the currency of the account

 If the account you change contains internal xfer, any target account will change of currency as well

Start balance specify the initial balance amount, i.e the balance before the first transaction.
Notes optional notes you may want to add
This account was closed specify the bank account is closed.
Please also note that closed account are no more considered for reports.

Current cheque number

Checkbook 1 specify the next cheque number of first pad to be used (this is auto updated later when you add some transactions).
Checkbook 2 some of the above but for a second cheque pad (for a joined account)



Name specify the bank name where the account is registered.
Number specify the bank account number itself.


Overdraft at specify the balance threshold, if you have an authorized balance, this will be used in the Balance report window.

Report exclusion

Exclude from account summary the account will must not be used into the account summary list of the main window.
Exclude from the budget the account will not be used for the budget data.
Exclude from any reports the account will not be used for any report data.