HomeBank User manual

Tips & Tricks

List-view quick search

For most list-view (account, payee, category, ...) you can benefits from a quick search feature:

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Date widget key action

On every date widget, you can use some key combination to fast change the day, month or year

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Change the account order into main window

If you want to change the display order of your account in the main window list, you can do this from the account dialog. Just use drag & drop to re-order the accounts

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Automatic cheque numbering

HomeBank also deal with automatic cheque numerating. You first need to configure the current cheque number into the account dialog. Then every time you add a new transaction, in the info field is empty, change the payment mode the cheque and the number will be filled. You can use 2 pad of cheque for each account.

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Add Payee/Categories from transaction dialog

Whenever you add a transaction, you can also create a new payee/category with seizing directly a new item into the payee/category widget.

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