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Account window menus

The menu is the start of every actions on transactions.


Export QIF... export transaction to a QIF file
Export CSV... export transaction to a CSV file, see CSV file format
Close... close the account window


Add... open the transaction dialog in Add mode
Inherit... open the transaction dialog pre-fill it with the selected transaction
Edit... open the transaction dialog in Edit mode
Status > None change the status to none
=> confirmation will be asked if already Reconciled
Status > Cleared toggle cleared state if possible
=> no effect on a Reconciled transaction
Status > Reconciled toggle reconciled state if possible
=> confirmation will be asked if already Reconciled
Create template... create some template from the selected transaction(s)
Delete... delete the selected transaction(s)


Filter... open the filter dialog
Auto. assignments run automatic assignment rules on the current account, see automatic assignments
Check internal transfer... run a consistency check on internal transfer for this account
Convert to euro... After a confirmation, this will convert the account to euro major currency according the preferences currency set