HomeBank User manual

Euro minor

For countries in the European area, or those using the Euro currency (EUR), HomeBank deliver some extra features to display to Euro major/minor, and also to convert if necessary. This covers the 2 situations:

Display in Euro currency

Setting up the minor currency properties is done in the Preference dialog.

Once the settings are correctly set you can switch most of the displays to minor currency, minor can be Euro if your country is waiting a switch to euro, or the old former national currency if your country already switched to euro.

When the minor currency is activated, a minor toggle menu will appear in most windows.

Convert to Euro currency

From the account window, menu Tools/'Convert to euro', you are able to convert an entire account to the euro currency, according the settings you configured into the preferences.

This could also be used one day in the hypothesis a country will switch back to a national currency from euro currency, the rate configured in the euro preferences just need to be correct.