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To review the complete list of changes, please use the Help > Release Notes menu from HomeBank program.

New features in v5.2 New features in v5.1 New features in v5.0 New features in v4.6 New features in v4.5

New features in v5.2

Export transaction as PDF (for print)

You can now export the transaction of a single account to a PDF file. This is the first part of the print support into HomeBank.

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List of all transactions

From the main window transaction menu you can now open a register with all transaction of all accounts.
Most of the action are available here, except:

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Import of multiple file with more option

The import process was completely rewritten starting from zero, with all your wishes in mind. The goal was to enable more flexibility, like import several files at a time and to simplify the access to the option. Adding to this, I added some more duplicate/similar option and a few other refinements. See the import process for details.

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A real backup mechanism

A real backup mechanism is now available and enable to create a real backup file once a day, with a configurable occurrence.

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Duplicate transaction finder

A duplicate finder is now available from a single account register window in the tools menu. The feature just mark in place the transaction, in bold for the one to keep and strike the potential duplicate called similar.
the similarity is evaluated on amount, date (+gap) and memo.

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Default template for each account

On each account you can set a default template transaction, so that every time you create a transaction on that account, the template is used.

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New features in v5.1

Multiple currencies

You can now manage accounts in different currencies. When opening a file from a previous version of HomeBank, you will be prompted to choose a base currency.
Then you can add several currencies with the currencies dialog, update the exchange rate on-line, and assign different currencies to every account.

Take care as the currency formatting option are now in the currencies dialog.

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Payee default category and payment type

Payee now enables to set some default value for category and payment. So when you add a new transaction, choosing a payee will automatically fill the category and payment. When you edit a transaction, choosing a payee will complete one or both those two fields if they are empty. See the payee dialog.

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New feature for automatic assignments

New capabilities of the automatic assignment are available:

See the assignment dialog.

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New features in v5.0

Cleared status to enrich the transaction status

A cleared status for transaction was added, to enrich the existing status. You now also have a Status column into the transaction list to display a new set of status for transactions.

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Stack chart for budget

I finally found some time to code a new graph report dedicated to budget, please welcome the stack chart that clarify so much the budget report !

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Quick search for list

For more detail on this, please click here.

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New features in v4.6

Quick search for transaction

In the transaction window, right to the balance you will now find a quick search input to fast filter transaction based on text column.

The search apply to all columns except status, date and amount columns.

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Configure fiscal year boundaries

Starting 4.6, you can define your fiscal year start/end date.

Previously the fiscal year was aligned to the calendar year, starting on 1st january and ending on 31 december.

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Scheduled transaction date before or after weekend

Insert a scheduled transaction can be controlled to avoid insert on weekend and to automatically change the date to before or after.

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Ability to individually play scheduled transactions from the list

You now have 2 buttons below the scheduled list on the main window, one to Skip, one to Post, and this for every scheduled you want to manage manually.

If the scheduled transaction can be posted as it, it will be, otherwise if the amount or target account is not pre-filled, you will be prompted with the transaction dialog to make any changes before posting the transaction.

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New features in v4.5

Ability to change language

You can now select a different language than the one of your system !

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Where your money goes

Top 5 Spending report !

Top 5 spending category new report can be optionally displayed into the main window. The date range can be configured within the preferences, and changed main-window too.

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Category split for transactions

This is a long time wish which is now possible into HomeBank. You can split non internal transfer up to 10 categories. A new button was added on the right of the amount widget into the transaction dialog.

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New filters for account window

The account window now have a new filter / information bar.

Here is a description from left to right:

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Scheduled append until a day of month

You can now insert transaction within a specific day in the next month.
So for example, you can add until the 28th of each month, the selected date excluded, which mean transaction that should occurs on 28 will not be inserted.

You can keep the previous behaviour to add xx days into the future from today's date.

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