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Por favor, Desactivar bloqueador de anuncios para admitir el proyecto de software gratuito de HomeBank. Este proyecto libre y de código abierto se financia principalmente mediante publicidad .



The latest stable release of HomeBank is 5.2.2.

Released date: 2018-10-06, see the ChangeLog.

Microsoft Windows

Full windows installer package, including GTK+ binaries

The installer contains a portable edition you can choose at install time.
Please visit troubleshooting page if you have a download problem.

Ubuntu PPA

Since May 12th, 2014, an official PPA is available :

  • GNU/Linux Ubuntu logo ubuntu
    • Type the following from a terminal:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mdoyen/homebank
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install homebank

Source code

Source code is also available within the Launchpad repository.
> Get source code

Please visit troubleshooting page for compilation instruction.

3rd party packages

I do not provide any support for third party packages. For any trouble encountered during the install of these package, please contact the people in charge of the port, or try to get some help on a dedicated forum.

  • Mac OS X logo mac OSX
    • Install on MacOS is done via macports.
  • Maemo logo maemo
    • Internet tablet Nokia N770, N800 and N810.
      Available since OS2008. detail here.

Please visit troubleshooting page for mac os x installation instruction.

GNU/Linux distribution

  • Ubuntu linux logo ubuntu
    • 'apt-get install homebank'.
      Available since feisty (7.04).
  • Debian logo debian
    • 'apt-get install homebank'.
      Available since debian lenny (5.0) detail here
  • OpenSuse linux logo open suse
    • 'yast -i homebank' or 'zypper in homebank'.
      Available since Suse 10.0. detail here.
  • Fedora linux logo fedora
    • 'yum install homebank'.
      Available since FC6.
  • Mandriva linux logo mandriva
    • 'urpmi homebank'.
      Available since Spring.
  • Gentoo linux logo gentoo linux
    • 'emerge homebank'.
      Available since April 1, 2008.
  • Arch linux logo arch linux
    • 'pacman -S homebank'.
      Available since Overlord.

Prerelease version

No prerelease version available for the moment.