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Need help getting started ?

User Manual

HomeBank software comes with a built-in help system in html format. Once you have started the program, press F1.

Online documentation

You can also browse or translate the user manual online :

  • browse in English online
  • translate online into your language :  
    this uses (google translate).

Tutorials (non officials)

Community help

HomeBank project is hosted at LaunchPad, which is a unique collaboration and hosting platform for software projects.

> Search into the frequently asked question (faq)

If your question did not find a response from the faq, feel free to ask the community:
> Ask a question



HomeBank is free software and is released under the GPL License.


First of all, here is a list of action to follow in various case:

Purpose/Problem What to do ?
Using the software > Read the documentation
> Read the FAQ
> Ask a question
Found a bug/problem > Report a bug
Suggest a new feature > Open a wish bug
Translation > Help to translate

Nota: => I will not read, respond to any emails related to purpose listed above.

For any other subject, you can send me an email at:

I do manage HomeBank freely in my spare time, so it may take long to reply sometimes (I mean weeks, month maybe). So please be patient to get a reply !