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Contribute to HomeBank

HomeBank project uses LaunchPad, which is a unique collaboration and hosting platform for software projects. You may need to create a Launchpad account to perform some actions.

Here is an ordered list, on which you can help me:

Test prereleases

When a new version is quite ready, a RC (release candidate) will be done. This is an essential step in the program development cycle life, and any test and bugs you may discover at this stage will be very helpful for the final release.

The best way to be informed of HomeBank release is by the RSS stream:
> Subscribe HomeBank RSS stream

Report bugs

Please report any bugs you may find in HomeBank at:
> Report a bug

Guidelines when reporting a bug
Please try to be the most precise possible, describing step by step what you have done, where you are in the application, what os you run, etc. Any investigation on a bug will start by trying to reproduce what you have encountered from what you describe.

Also try to provide any useful things to help reproducing the problem you describe:

  • annotated screenshots when something is visual
  • miscellaneous file (OFX, CSV, ...)
  • console trace of homebank compiled with MYDEBUG 1
  • gdb backtrace
  • ...

Translate to your language

You can constantly contribute to the translation effort made by the community by translating to your language. This is especially the case when a RC version of HomeBank is released.
> Help to translate

You can also translate other files, like the category-preset files, you can download here.

Suggest Features

If you want to ask for a feature then fill in a bug report and start your bug title with "wish: ".
> Suggest a feature

HomeBank was using Launchpad BluePrint feature in the past, but I decided no more using this, as they were:

  • less flexible than bugs (add files, screenshots)
  • requires from me to manage 2 entry points to plan and organize what to do
  • duplicate bug/blueprint were oftenly created

Icon art

Some of my icons are well... Not so good, and still in PNG format, where they should be SVG format. If you are an artist and want to art for HomeBank then do it and send me your creation !

Source code repository

I don't need help for coding purpose. You may submit patch (or branch, but I rarely uses it) for bugfix thus if you have skills to, but avoid launching yourself arbitrary alone in an enhancement (wish bug), if you do really want, contact me first.

One of the reason is that the code trunk available in launchpad is always related to the current stable release. The real development trunk is never public until RC stage, so you can't contribute to it. I do prefer working that way for freedom of breaking thing and refactor simply.

You can get the latest source code from launchpad:
> Browse source code