HomeBank - Free, easy, personal accounting for everyone.
last version: 4.6.3
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Windows binaries

  • Windows
    (XP, Vista, 7, 8, ...)
Note for Google Chrome web browser users:

This installer file is sometimes reported as malicious for some obvious reason but it is not, it's a false positive.
As a first step, plenty of online security solution exists if you want to check by yourself, like virustotal or f-secure.

Then after downloading the file, if you need to be more reassured you can do a deep scan of the installer file with your antivirus.
If someone were to find a positive result, or can help in resolving this then he can contact me

Ubuntu PPA

Since May 12th, 2014, an official PPA is available (13.10, 14.04) :

  • ubuntu
    • 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mdoyen/homebank'
      'sudo apt-get update'
      'sudo apt-get install homebank'

Source code distribution

Source code is also available within the Launchpad repository.
> Get source code

3rd party packages

I do not provide any support for third party packages. For any trouble encountered during the install of these package, please contact the people in charge of the port, or try to get some help on a dedicated forum.

  • mac OSX
    • Install on MacOS is done via macports.
  • maemo
    • Internet tablet Nokia N770, N800 and N810.
      Available since OS2008. detail here.

GNU/Linux distribution

  • ubuntu
    • 'apt-get install homebank'.
      Available since feisty (7.04).
  • debian
    • 'apt-get install homebank'.
      Available since debian lenny (5.0) detail here
  • open suse
    • 'yast -i homebank' or 'zypper in homebank'.
      Available since Suse 10.0. detail here.
  • fedora
    • 'yum install homebank'.
      Available since FC6.
  • mandriva
    • 'urpmi homebank'.
      Available since Spring.
  • gentoo linux
    • 'emerge homebank'.
      Available since April 1, 2008.
  • arch linux
    • 'pacman -S homebank'.
      Available since Overlord.
  • mops linux
    • 'mpkg install homebank'.
      Available since 6.2.2 detail here
  • foresight linux
    • 'conary install homebank'.
      Available since Aug 28, 2009



HomeBank require only GTK+-2.24 or upper,

For OFX file import, libofx packages will also be required.

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